Plumbing & Electrical Membership

Over 250 business owners have partnered with Laser to achieve their business and personal goals. If you are looking to take your plumbing or electrical business to the next level of growth and profits, Laser can help.

A Complete Solution

A Complete Solution

Our business approach is underpinned by innovative systems. We see it as simply working smarter.

Laser has developed complete cloud based systems for the effective operation of plumbing and electrical based contracting businesses. We focus on efficiency and measurement thoughout all aspects of your business.

National Brand Power

As a Laser Member, you'll have access to unprecedented brand and marketing power. Through joint advertising and media promotion of Laser Plumbers & Electricians, we are now highly recognisable across the nation.

Channel 7 - Better Homes & Gardens

Laser branded vehicles

Laser Racing

Strength of Network

With 250 members across Australia and New Zealand, Laser Group is the largest network of plumbing and electrical contractors. We offer total national coverage.

Having access to the Laser network offers opportunities for labour sharing and joint ventures with like-minded members. With our national contracts and coverage, we can bid on jobs you couldn't get otherwise, supporting multi-site corporate customers. You will also enjoy competitive pricing and focused marketing initiatives.

Member Support

We offer Members with unprecedented levels of support to help them grow and adapt in a rapidly changing and competitive industry.

Business Planning
We can help you to plan and build for future business success. Gain new ideas in Member workshops or work with our Member Support Team on a strategy for plumbing or electrical business.

Marketing Tools
We have extensive marketing tools available to Members including marketing templates and website design options.

Member Training
Keep up to date with the latest in our cloud based software and business practices with training developed specifically for your admin team, plumbers or electricians.

Learning and Playing together

Every year, we gather together at our 4-day conference to be challenged and inspired by industry experts and thought provoking speakers, as well as take some time to unwind with other Members. See you in Melbourne for LaserCon 2019.

Working together in the Community

It makes sense that when Laser Plumbers and Electricians are in the same place at the same time, we use our combined skills and experience to make a difference.

Every year as part of our annual conference, we incorporate a Laser Taskforce Project. Working with local organisations, we identify their needs and do what we can, deploying teams of plumbers and electricians to make the greatest sustainable impact.

Supporting Beyond Blue

Laser Group are proud to be associated with the work of beyondblue.

The construction industry, small businesses and apprentices are all represented in statistics around depression, anxiety and suicide and these are groups which make up our business.

By raising funds for the work of beyondblue we ensure that their great work continues and Plumbing & Electrical Members have access to information invaluable to the health and wellbeing of staff, family and friends.

Are you ready for Laser?

Are you...?
  • A forward thinking professional?
  • Run an existing plumbing or electrical contracting company?
  • Respected in the industry, with a proven track record?
  • Ethical, friendly and professional, looking to do things differently?

Getting Started with Laser

Get in Touch
Contact us using the following form. We will get in touch to discuss your questions and suitability for membership.

Initial Meeting
We will come to you and answer any of your questions, giving you the opportunity to understand the Laser business model. It could be as simple as a quick half hour chat over coffee, completely confidential and obligation free.

Second Meeting
Our second meeting takes place at our offices, where we'll go into more detail covering our business model. This will take just on four hours.

Due Diligence
We encourage you to take the opportunity to evaluate the finer details, as well as meet with some of our current Members, to gain a greater understanding of how Laser works.

Once the decision is made
Once you decide to go ahead and everything is signed off, we commence the induction, training you and your team, guiding you through the change-management process.

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