21 Nov 2017

Tori encourages girls to take on a trade

Twenty-three-year-old apprentice, Tori Preddy longs for the day where people won’t look twice when they see a female on a worksite. As part of the 2% of women working in the plumbing and electrical trades, Tori has become used to people asking when the plumber is coming to the job, and then the look of surprise when she tells the customer that she is the plumber. But it is something that she looks forward to changing as more women enter the industry and is enjoying changing perceptions of those customers she works with.

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19 Nov 2017

Laser Plumber Returns to Indonesia

Flushing toilets and the ability to wash your hands is something most people take for granted. But for a school of 300 students currently sharing two toilets as well as a water supply also shared with local farmers, access to clean water and facilities can mean the difference between life and death. Apprentice, Aidan Ward from Laser Plumbing Sale has returned to Indonesia to complete the work in the remote school which he began in August this year, working with other plumbers, engineers and architects from the US, Ireland, India and Indonesia.

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08 Nov 2017

Leading​ ​Trade​ ​Network​ ​warns​ ​against​ ​cheap​ ​fixes

Managing Director of Australia’s largest network of plumbers and electricians, Steve Keil has issued a strong warning to the public looking at cheaper alternatives to fix plumbing and electrical issues around their house.

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25 Oct 2017

How to spend less on your energy bill

As the cost of living increases, it is more important to live as economically as possible, as well as environmentally friendly. By monitoring how we use energy, and by making our homes energy efficient, we are winning, both financially and for our environment.

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15 Sep 2017

Kelly leads the charge for women in trades

The latest research shows women make up 46.2% of the Australian workforce. When women are represented as 50.4% of the population, this result is what you would expect. Yet, with a shortage of apprentices and tradies, and the increased promotion of women entering trades, they still only make up 2% of the industry.

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13 Sep 2017

Juma leads the way for new beginnings

Imagine that you are sitting down to dinner and suddenly you hear gunshots. It’s dark and you can’t tell where the shots have come from but you know they’re close. Like so many times before, and just like your parents have shown you, you grab a blanket and run to the bushes. This was the reality for Wagga Wagga plumber, Juma Abbas for 12 years.

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05 Sep 2017

Industry CEO says Industry is not broken

According to Education Reporter, Monique Hore and the Herald Sun, Young Victorian tradies want to repair industrys broken image”. Having entered the industry as an apprentice and now leading Australia’s largest network of plumbers and electricians, Steve Keil disputes that it is broken.

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