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Laser Group is a proud family of quality-focused trade service professionals in the plumbing and electrical industry. Our multi-award winning Laser Plumbing and Electrical Groups have experienced phenomenal growth and we are delighted to be the leading network of plumbing and electrical contractors in Australia and New Zealand.

Laser Group's market leadership position has been earned through innovation, planning, use of quality systems and attention to providing the highest levels of customer service.

Laser Group's Dependable Spirit

From our modest beginnings in 1983, Laser Group has maintained its core structure and customer values to grow into one of the largest plumbing and electrical contractor networks across Australia and New Zealand.

Laser Group was co-founded in 1983 by David Clemmett and Peter Bassett, when the pair started the electrical contractor company 'Laser Electrical Ltd'. Clemmett and Bassett grew their company through the eighties into one of the largest of its kind in Auckland, New Zealand.

Laser Group's innovative systems, unique business model and loyal customers make it the top service provider for plumbing and electrical needs across Australia and New Zealand.

The Competitive Advantage of Joining Laser

Laser Group's innovative business model allows us to provide our Members with access to software systems and administrative support to help them achieve their goals.

Today, Laser Group has more than 200 Members who employ over 2,300 staff in their Members' network in Australia and New Zealand. Laser Group continues to broaden its membership base as we are set to grow our contracting companies to over 500 members across Australasia.

We provide systems supportive of business planning & development."

Steve Keil
CEO & Managing Director
Laser Group Australia

Matthew Combe's efforts awarded

11 Oct 2017

Matthew Combe's efforts awarded

HORSHAM’S Matthew Combe received high honours from Warrnambools South West TAFE after completing his plumbing apprenticeship.

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From refugee to plumber with a purpose: Wagga's Juma Abbas leads the way

06 Oct 2017

From refugee to plumber with a purpose: Wagga's Juma Abbas leads the way

As a little boy, hiding under a blanket in the Sudanese bush to escape rebel gunfire, Juma Abbas never imagined he’d live to see a peaceful life. Now a fourth-year apprentice at Laser Plumbing Wagga, he’s hoping to use his skills to help improve sanitation in the very camp he grew up in.

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Laser apprentice to join Community Plumbing Challenge 2017

03 Oct 2017

Laser apprentice to join Community Plumbing Challenge 2017

Twenty five year old Aidan Ward, apprentice plumber at Laser Plumbing Sale, will be joining team members from India, Indonesia and the USA to develop a sustainable upgrade solution for the water supply and wastewater at a school in West Java, Indonesia.

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Family affair for the Campbell girls

25 Sep 2017

Family affair for the Campbell girls

IT WAS a family affair for Heidi and Sally Campbell when they won their netball final at the Lismore Workers Masters Games. Heidi is married to Jake Campbell while Sally is married to Jakes elder brother Luke with the team sponsored by the family business Laser Plumbing and Electrical, Lismore.

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LaserCon 2018 Rotorua

Laser in the Media
What it takes to support an international network of trade businesses

Steve Keil is the driving force behind the Laser network which supports more than 240 plumbing and electrical contracting businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

After several years of building, training and maintaining their own software, Laser turned to simPRO for a solution to support their growing community.

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Steve Keil - Leadership with a Laser Focus

Steve Keil has a relaxed and yet strong leadership style and has a great skill in following a vision and what a big vision it is, as he leads the biggest franchise/group in his field in Australia and New Zealand - The Laser Plumbing and Electrical Group. Listen below for his interview with Glenn Azar.

Is race car sponsorship a smart marketing strategy?

Timbo Reid | Small Business, Big Marketing

Have you ever wondered what the ROI on sponsoring a race car is? What is the point was in having your logo on a race car that was belting down the race track at 200 km/hr. Is it really good brand awareness? Is it really worth the money? How much does it cost anyway?

There is a better way to run a trade business.