Business Planning

One of our main reasons for joining the Laser Group was to grow our business. We identified two key areas of which this growth could be fostered - through improved operational systems and maximising our financial potential. Operationally the implementation of the LaserPro software bought immediate return, so when the Group offered a "one on one" Business Planning Process, we had no hesitation in arranging our meeting. We found the day to be exceptionally beneficial.

Prior to our meeting we were given a clear outline of what the day would entail and were asked to provide previous year's financial records to allow history and trends to be compiled for our business. During the day this information formed the basis of planning our forth coming budgets, gauging operational staff's productivity, goal setting and further understanding the key markers when reviewing profit and loss accounts and balance sheets. Information was presented in a clear, concise and professional manner with a number of visual aids used to further clarify the numbers. The Groups continual compilation of monthly debtor and creditor reports (while never exposing one particular businesses financial position) to form bands and trends also served as reassurance that what we are and will possibly experience is no different to that of any other company in the same industry.

Three months on we have just re-met with Bradford May to review our financial position and goals. Had it not been for this first meeting the incentive for us to stick with short term and, in turn, long term goals these may not have been so easy to achieve. A thoroughly worthwhile exercise and one we implore others to take up."

Steve Giles
Laser Plumbing Taupo

Software & Systems

Dear Laser Group,

I would just like to thank you for getting us on board. It was a big change for us to adopt the Laser systems and modify what the family business has been practicing for over 30 years. We are enjoying our new journey and relationships that are being forged by joining the Laser Group. We still have a long way to go but are very enthusiastic about our future.

Both my business partner Ryan and I are impressed with the LaserPro software. The ease at which we have implemented this system into our business has been fantastic. It gives us great flexibility whilst offering accuracy and consistency. It is one of the best things that has happened to our business. We look forward to developing this program further and exercising its full potential.

Kind regards."

Daniel Smolenaars
Managing Director
Laser Plumbing Sale
Daniel Smolenaars

I became a Laser member in 2008 on the back of seeing the LaserPro Operating System and simply wanting it to enhance my business. The extra selling features of emphasising the value of 'a Brand', value of a 'Support Office' and the value of an 'Open Network' were all aspects of becoming a member that I placed little value on at the time. While the Laser Systems that we use are every bit as brilliant as they appeared at first glance I would now only put these down to approximately 40% of the value of being a Laser Member. The majority of value to myself has come from these 'extras'.

A huge sticking point in making the change was loosing my trading name and the fear that 'no one is going to know who I am' yet from my experience I gave up a little known trading name and picked up a widely recognised brand name and all of the benefits associated with it. I did this while maintaining my customer base as they knew me and contacted me based on my contact details and not my trading name.

The resource of a Members Support Office to assist your business in any way is invaluable. They are happy to provide as much help as you require and in a way that suits you. It is not simply a 'one size fits all' package that they throw at you but rather a tailored support program that first looks at analysing how you currently operate. From there they help to work Laser systems in to the business to compliment and improve what you do. Added benefits that the Support Office provide are Benchmarking your figures against group averages and breaking them down to daily measurables that are easily tracked and worked on. From my experience the Member Support Office is all about assisting you improve and ultimately grow your business and they will do all they can to help you do this.

The resource of a network of like minded business owners operating in the same or similar markets whom are not competitors is something that money simply cant buy. Being able to 'talk shop' knowing that figures or scenarios discussed are actuals and not the over inflated rubbish that you hear from competitors at the suppliers, trade shows etc is something that I had never considered but have come to place a huge value on. Jobs, experience, tools, labour, machinery etc etc are all shared around between members regularly.

I have little doubt that the Laser Systems and all of the other perks of being a Laser Member have put me in so much of a better position than had I decided to go it alone. At the end of the day I still run my own business and drive it in the direction that I want but I do so with the back up of the Laser Group and the support of the Laser network if and when I need it."

Peter Watson
Managing Director
Laser Plumbing Bundoora
Peter Watson