Plumbing Network backs calls for updated regulations to industry

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Director for Laser Group Australia has backed calls for the Point of Sale (POS) regulations around the WaterMark product certification to be updated, keeping in line with the changing industry.

Steve Keil said, “currently, the liability of the installation of a certified product lays with the person installing, and if you knowingly purchased the product without certification, then you would be held fully responsible for any damage caused through the product failure.”

“But the original regulations were produced at a time where homeowners and plumbers purchased their product through suppliers who specialised in these items and ensured that the product was compliant with legislative requirements.  We now have individuals bringing in container loads of product for their projects with the price being the main motivator as well as purchasing online. And nobody is checking whether the product is compliant. In these cases, the responsibility also needs to lay at the POS.”

Steve believes that this also highlights the importance of using a registered plumber for any plumbing work on your home.  

“A registered plumber will recognise when the product isn’t compliant with national regulations and the risks associated with the specific products.  These risks can have devastating results, not only in your home but also your health.”

“It is important that consumers realise the risks associated with using plumbing products which do not meet code.  Potential issues which we have seen as a result of using non-compliant products have included increased levels of lead in their water as well as sewage and stormwater being mixed which in turn impacts the community.”

“We call upon Federal and State Governments to recognise the risks of not updating, regulating and policing the Watermark legislation and continue working with the industry to ensure that public health is not put at risk due to legislation not matching consumer practice.”

“We also stress to consumers to ensure that your plumber is licenced and that they know where the product they are using has come from and complies with Australian standards.”