Plumbers & Electricians lead in hourly rate

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Recent data released by online tradie marketplace, shows Victorian Electricians being the in-demand trade in Victoria. This follows data released in October where Victorian plumbers were the highest paid tradies in Australia, and, at $95.28 ph, remain the top paid trade in Victoria.

With the two trades leading others in demand and hourly rate, the question remains, why is there still a shortage in apprentices?

Data from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research show just over 57,000 people completing apprentices last year. This number is comparable to last centuries figures and is half what it was five years ago.

Unskilled labour is becoming a thing of the past, and the importance of qualifications is unquestionable but, qualifications are not just limited to University degrees, and is something that CEO of Australia’s largest plumbing and electrical network, Steve Keil, believes parents and teachers should feel comfortable in promoting as options for their children and students.

“Today’s tradies are more than just the blokes that unblock your toilet or install your light fixtures,” says Keil. “Many go on to run successful businesses and, in some cases, even leave the trade to become leaders in the industry.”

“We encourage our children to aspire to become Doctors and Lawyers, thinking that a university degree equals success, but not everyone can be a Doctor or a Lawyer. And a university degree doesn’t always guarantee success. A great tradie in today’s work climate is continually upgrading their knowledge and, in some cases will specialise in areas like renewable energy, further building on their ability to increase their income potential.”

“For those who build on their trade knowledge to become an electrical engineer, there is also evidence that this is one of the few industries where there is pay parity between men and women. Another reason for parents of daughters not to close their minds to trade career options.”

“Currently there is a very real threat of under skilling our economy in future years” says Keil. “The evidence shows the benefits for our youth in becoming a tradie, now we need parents and schools to also recognise the huge potential for our youth and our industry.”