Laser Tradies Make A Differerence

Category: Community Projects

As seen in NECA News - November/December 2015

When you have 400 plumbers and electricians in one place, it just makes sense to utilize their skills and make a difference.

With LaserCon 2015 held in Fiji, over 100 tradesmen and their families descended on a local primary school and technical college, rebuilding a library, reroofing classrooms and installing water pumps as well as installing solar panels and conducting a workshop for local electrical apprentices.

The Laser Taskforce focusses on creating a sustainable solution to issues facing the organizations.  Past projects have included Habitat for Humanity in New Zealand, The Gold Coast Youth Services and Variety in Australia.

As well as donating their time, Laser Plumbing & Electrical suppliers also assisted, donating over $100,000 of supplies to the projects.